What Services BnR Carpet Cleaning offers..

Carpet Steam Cleaning


 BnR Carpet Cleaning is Townsville’s trusted carpet and upholstery cleaner that you can rely on.. Established in 2009 BnR carpet cleaning is a certified carpet Cleaning Business which can offer the hot water extraction cleaning system using the Hydramaster truck-mount equipment as well as a Portable for high-rise buildings.  We provide a thorough service and our solutions are affordable.  With more than 12 years experience in carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning technician is qualified through IICRC  Institute of inspection,  cleaning and restoration certification. We are also a certified Pest Control Busines. 

Carpet is always vulnerable to dust and jams because of its direct exposure to foot traffic.  Dirty carpet cannot only harm your health but can also become a cause of embarrassment for you in front of your  guests. Keeping your carpets clean is an ongoing process, especially where they are in areas with a heavy footfall. Daily vacuuming is only part of the process; every now and then it pays to clean them using a carpet cleaner. It can be a heavy and laborious job, so why not take the strain out of things and have the professionals do the job for you? Our carpet cleaning service in Townsville takes the hassle out of cleaning your carpets, and we offer a full range of solutions to keep your carpets in top condition. We can provide all cleaning services for your carpets and for your upholstery, and do so using the correct techniques and the most up to date equipment. We also offer deodorizing which leaves your all carpet & Fabrics smelling fresh and clean. Our chemical-free cleaning methods make your carpet & upholstery clean and eliminate all kinds of pollutants from them. Our highly trained and experienced team are the best in Townsville, and with many satisfied clients so far we guarantee a quality job every time.

Also We can tackle any type of carpet and take on any job, no matter how big or small, and with excellent rates, our clients are provided with the most cost effective carpet cleaning solutions available. One major advantage of using a professional carpet cleaning service is that we know how to clean carpets correctly and without risk of damage. We do so by taking the utmost care and attention in making sure your valuable carpets an upholstery are cleaned in the most effective and careful fashion. So It’s our pleasure to make sure you finish the day with beautifully cleaned and cared for carpets, and we take great pride in our reputation for excellent customer service. Therefore, If you have carpets that need cleaning, why not give us a call now and we will be more than happy to provide a no obligation quote?

Tile and grout cleaning


Our tile and grout cleaning process involves these vital steps to ensure you receive the best solution possible.

  •  Inspection of all tiles and grout.
  •  Application of suitable cleaning products.
  • Agitation with Tool.
  •  Stain treatment if needed.
  •  Adjustable pressure clean and extract of all areas . The process dries the tiles and extracts all dirty water. 
  •  Inspection of all areas guaranteed to exceed your expectations .

 Every job we undertake is a priority and we always make sure that all jobs have been carefully inspected and done to our high standards. BnR Carpet Cleaning will also give you advice on the best method  for maintaining freshly cleaned tiled areas once the tiles have been cleaned.  So you can keep enjoying the benefits for the longest time possible.

Upholstery cleaning


The fabric of your upholstery and furniture may look alright from the distance but lurking just under the surface are contaminants which could be harmful to your health.  Overtime spills dust crumbs and even skin flakes  (Yuck)  build up and settle below the surface of the fabric.  You may have heard that your mattress doubles in weight during the first 10 years because of accumulated skin and bugs -  The same goes for your furniture (although hopefully to a lesser extent)

 Most people never clean their upholstery in Townsville not even a quick vacuum .  You are sitting on dirt, dust and dist mites and many other pollutants.

Our Team is professional with wide range of services for Upholstery and fabrics such as velvet, velour, suede, polyester and cotton without effecting their originality and colors. Our trainers use safe chemicals, effective techniques for cleanliness and protection of Sofa, Chairs, Couch and other Upholstery.

With BnR Carpet cleaning We remove the risks of mold and dust accumulations which lead to growth of infections and can cause skin problems. We encounter all microbial growth and treatments of micro organisms and lead to clean environment where Australians can feel good and have a good charm of life. Upholstery cleaning in Townsville : Furniture needing effective stain elimination or a whole deep clean? Our professional upholstery maintenance services in Townsville are perfect for you. We’ve got the expertise and the tools to deal with difficult places with extraordinary cleaning methods for each and every kind of upholstery. We’re qualified to provide the best quality cleaning services at very affordable rates and at times that are suitable for you. Just give us a call and inform us when you would like us to be there!

Blinds & Curtain Cleaning


BnR Carpet Cleaning provide professional onsite curtain and blinds steam cleaning services. Call 0424896083 for your no obligation Cleaning quote! Our local curtain cleaners are available 24 hours for curtain and blinds cleaning services across Townsville. 

BnR Carpet Cleaning locally owned and operated in Townsville. Planning to get your curtains and blinds cleaned by professional experts at an affordable price in Townsville? BnR Carpet Cleaning delivers quality curtains and blinds at the lowest possible prices. We are experienced in this field to provide you complete satisfaction through our flawless cleaning services. With the finest technicians on board, we boast of 100% guaranteed results for our curtains and blinds cleaning services.

Our curtain cleaners are available for the same day curtain cleaning services. Curtains/blinds add a charm to your room – be it at home or office. However, they often get neglected when it is about cleaning. We at BnR Carpet Cleaning ensure that your curtains and blinds don’t feel left out and get the cleaning they deserve. We not just get rid of all kinds of dust, soil, grease, contaminants, and pollutants but infuse a new life into your curtains and blinds. We literally clean them back to new!

Mattress Cleaning


Dirty mattresses may contain harmful germs including bacteria, fungi, stains, dead skins, dust mites etc. These harmful bacteria’s can cause major health-related issues. At BnR Carpet cleaning, we use eco-friendly mattress cleaning chemicals safe for family and pets. Also, you may not get full night sleep on an un-cleaned mattress and dust mites and germs living in your mattress may cause flu, hay fever, asthma. Our certified mattress cleaners will get rid off all the harmful germs from your mattress.

  1. Mattress Cleaning removes dust mites & bugs from your home curtains
  2. Remove dust from your drapery
  3. Onsite Mattress  Steaming Cleaning avoid skin problems
  4. Dirty Mattress can cause allergic reactions in your families
  5. Clean Mattress increases the value of your property.

There are some important benefits of professional mattress cleaning..

  • Cleaner and fresher mattress
  • Urine stain removal
  • Sweat stain removal
  • Allergen removal
  • Less chances of sickness
  • Relief from asthma
  • Peace of mind
  • Enhanced sleep quality

We also offer deodorizing which leaves your mattress smelling fresh and clean. Our chemical-free cleaning methods make your mattresses clean and eliminate all kinds of pollutants from them.

Rug Cleaning


Steam cleaning is probably the best deep-cleaning method you can use on your Rugs. Because it combines hot water with chemicals, it cleans much more than just the surface of your carpet Rug-it can remove dirt and debris that have sunk deep into your carpeted rug.

High pressure washing


 BnR Carpet Cleaning has high performance pressure cleaning machine that can achieve amazing results on all hard surfaces. 

Hithere-pressure cleaning is a common service we provide on a daily Basis and cover the following areas:

  •  Driveways 
  •  Pathways 
  •  Patios 
  • Walkways
  • pool surroundings
  • Garage Floors
  •  Retaining walls 
  •  Tennis courts  
  •  Car parks 
  •  Buildings and walls 
  •  Stairs 
  •  Pergolas

 We safely efficiently and effectively remove 

  •  Dirt 
  •  Dust 
  •  Mould 
  •  Cobwebs 
  •  Algae 
  •  Oil stains 
  •  Pet stains 

  Contact us today for your professional and most affective high-pressure cleaning solution.

Pest control


BnR Pest Control is a trusted pest control Business that has been protecting local Townsville Homes & Businesses. Our mission is to help protect your home and family by using our extensive local expertise backed by monthly training and our comprehensive warranty.

Our key services are:

  • Rodent control (including rat control and mice control)
  • Bird control
  • Spiders
  • Ants 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Silverfish
  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas & Ticks

Our highly trained technicians take control of our pest problems making sure they are dealt with effectively and quickly so you have one thing less to worry about. BnR Pest Control is a locally family owned business.

With BnR Pest Control on your side, you are assured that your home and family are safe from pests.

24 hour Water Extraction


We’re trusted by clients and insurance assessors with the technical understanding and experience to deliver quality work and premium service.

We know your wet carpet or flood damage is an urgent emergency. Our priority is to repair and restore your home or office to its fully functional state in the shortest amount of time possible. 

That’s why BnR offers you our dedicated 24/7 365 day year service, with our highly trained staff ready to attend to your needs every minute of every day. Just call us on 0424896083.

Coming home or to work to find that a storm, burst pipe or blown hot water service has flooded your home or office can be intimidating. From wet carpets to flood damage to the floors and building structure, the cleanup and repair work that you might see in front of you can seem overwhelming. There’s also the immediate emergency that wet carpets and underlay can smell, making the building uncomfortable to live in for the short term.

We are specialists in water damage remediation, carpet restoration, wet carpet drying, and structural drying and even offer genuine 24/7 and 365 day a year service, providing obligation free on-site cost estimates to help give you piece of mind. We even offer free advice on the phone about how to deal with flood restoration, wet carpets and any other type of water damage remediation during the initial contact call.

We provide a fast and efficient service, designed to get the water damaged area back in working order as quickly as possible. In fact, with our service the affected areas can often be usable almost immediately. After the immediate emergency water damage remediation, we’ll also leave our professional driers and dehumidifiers on site to complete the flood restoration process fully. This process ensures that all residual moisture is removed from the air, flooring, and surrounding structures, as well as the wet carpet and underlay.

We care about transparency, and provide our customers with detailed invoices following the completion of the job so that they know exactly what work we’ve done. We also have experts on hand who can assist you with filling out your insurance claims form and making a claim for the damages to the company. In most cases people with home and contents insurance will be covered for all of the flood damage restoration costs. We can give you advice about this over the phone and will work with your insurance company to process your claim.

Pet Treatments


As much as we love our pets, there is probably nothing more irritating or frustrating then finding out they have urinated on your carpet, rug or lounge.

This is a common problem most Pet Lovers will experience at some point.

There are alot of DIY products on the market these days, but nothing will truly treat the problem better than Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning – using the Water Extraction Method.

Water Extraction is the process of actually washing the carpet (or Rug or Lounge). It involves the release and simultaneous extraction of boiling water onto the carpet. It is by far the most effective way of dealing with any urine in the carpet.

But Steam Cleaning will not solve the problem on its own. The success of treating urine damaged carpet depends on the professionalism of the Carpet Cleaner.

There are a number of methods that we employ to restore urine damaged carpet. The method we choose for your home will depend on the severity of the urine problem.

We do have tools which can measure and indicate where the urine is located in the carpet. Once this has been established we can start treating the problem. It’s how we apply the treatment to your carpet which is imperative in successfully dealing with the odour.

Why choose BnR Carpet Cleaning

Why use BnR Carpet Cleaning?


 BnR carpet cleaning a family owned and operated business which was Established in 2009, dedicated to providing the highest standard to our customers . We provide a professional steam cleaning and pest control services to both Domestic and commercial properties located in the Townsville region as far as charters towers, Ayr, Ingham. 

We are fully trained to Australian standards and hold current pest control licenses issued by the  environmental health section of the Queensland Department of health.  We are so confident in our services methods and qualified technician that we provide a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our workmanship.  Our range of equipment highly performance truck mount machine and carpet cleaning portable to reach high-rise properties.

Why Use BnR Carpet Cleaning?

  • Prompt services
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  •  Most modern cleaning techniques   
  •  Best professional services assured
  •  Best  competitive prices in Townsville Qld 
  •  One stop shop for all your cleaning needs 
  •  Reliable service 
  •  Eco-friendly and advanced cleaning practices 

For more information regarding carpet cleaning and pest control or request a quote for any of our services please get in touch with us today 0424896083

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Using our services today..


 Whatever your need BnR carpet cleaning can be there on time and help you with any problem related to Steam cleaning, Pest Control &  24 hour water extraction in the Townsville Region.  We can take care of everything. We go an extra mile to restore your carpet in a shape it was before the damage.  The services we provide include steam cleaning shampooing and whether domestic or industrial.